My life is crazy. Its like one big movie. Sometimes its hilarious, and other times I find myself trying to hide in my bathroom. This blog was created so I could have a little slice of sanity. Somewhere I can regroup, and reflect. A place to share my daily adventures, vent sessions, moments of joy, graphic design artwork, songs I’ve written, places I’ve been, photos I’ve taken, products I’ve used, my super random, and sometimes highly sarcastic thoughts.

I am a mother, an actress, a singer, songwriter, graphic designer, musician, self proclaimed comedian, jack of all trades / master of none, entrepreneur, promoter, screenwriter, photographer, writer, blogger, vlogger, grammer, snapper, booker, extended breastfeeder, attachment parenting advocate, semi professional babywearer, and I’m a dancer… Just kidding, I am NOT a dancer.

Maybe I should stop before I get too far ahead of myself.

Enjoy your trip inside my mind… ENTER HERE!!!

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